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The Beginner Box


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Product Description

Are you just starting your lettering adventure? The Beginner Box is just for you! This one-time box has all of my favorite supplies for beginners!

Here's what's inside:

- Tombow Hard-Tip Fudenosuke (This is my go-to pen! It has a nice firm brush tip, making the transition from thick to thin strokes super easy!)
- Pentel Brush Tip Sign Pen (The brush tip on this pen is a little softer, which gives you greater contrast between your thick and thin strokes!)
- Kuretake Medium-Tip Bimoji (This marker is in between the Fudenosuke and the Karin in terms of size -- it's my favorite medium-size pen!)
- Karin Brush Marker (This is a gorgeous, juicy brush pen that is my favorite for making larger letters!)
- Rhodia No. 16 Pad (Rhodia paper is the smoothest paper ever, making it ideal for delicate brush markers!)
- Your name personally hand lettered on the outside of the box!

You will also receive lifetime access to download the Basic Modern Calligraphy Practice Sheets by The Inky Hand (that's me!), making this box worth over $40!

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